The Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder Review

smart pet feeder

Product: Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder with Webcam and Wi-Fi Built-In
Price: $299 $249
20 x 16 x 3 inches
Best Place to Buy:
My Rating: 10 out of 10

Overview of Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder

One of the biggest issues of training a dog is FEEDING ON TIME. You don’t want your beloved dog starving around you and keep asking for food. You may don’t even know whether he is “real” hungry or just keep requesting for food. I am recently a attending for a professional course that makes me not being able to feed my dog on time. However, I’ve found a product that solves my problem and my dog is really happy with it!

Electronic pet feeders can help you schedule well your pets’ eating time. The Feed and Go Electronic Smart Pet Feeder is is a decent feeder that feeds your dogs and cats automatically. This is really nice for me because I can track my dog’s eating time and prevent him eat too much. The container is totally fine for DRY or WET food! It is definitely a convenient smart pet feeder.

Me and my dog both think that this is the best automatic pet feeder! Let’s see how powerful the product is!

The Good about the Smart Pet Feeder

Many pet feeder with timer isn’t “Smart” enough. Most of them just provide you some count down settings and simple automatic feeding functions. They don’t track your feeding time, no web cam, and you can’t feed them whenever you want! If you are looking for a best automatic pet feeder for dogs, here is your unique choice.

The Feed and Go smart auto pet feeder has the world smartest pet feeder technology. It solves tons of problems that you have encountered when you try to feed your pets, feed your pet ON TIME and even treat you pet when you are not at home!

smart pet feeder on phone

So what actually inside this superb pet feeder?

  • This is the Only Smart Pet Feeder For Wet/Dry Food, Treats and Medication.
  • It connects By Wi-Fi To Your Home Network In Under One Minute. It is really easy to setup.
  • Built In Webcam So You Can See Your Pet From Any Smartphone AND Computer! For example iOS, Android & Windows.
  • Set One Time Or Regular Schedules For Unlimited Feed and Go’s From One Profile. Most automatic pet feeder with timer does not include this service.
  • 6 compartments with each holds Up To An 8oz Cup Size. You Decide How Much To Feed.

I experience very very well with my doggy. If I went outside quite long, I will treat him to make him more happy. If you have a dog that doesn’t love outdoor activity, the feeder can act as an “outdoor pet feeder”! You can place at your garden and when the alarm is up, your dog is just being encouraged to outside and help him re-love outdoor activities!

Why do I choose this product?

I a dog and two cats. I couldn’t see anything that combined functionality with technology and fun while thinking of feeding them. When I try this auto pet feeder, I really experience it so well and nice that I’ve never tried before. Many auto pet feeders cannot feed as smart as I thought. I love to feed my pets on time and treat them when I want. Also, I would like to track on there diet because not both of them love outdoor activities so I can’t give them the same amount of food. When I saw this product, I know this could really solve all of my problems and I can track and say hello with them whenever I want!


Very simple. Plugged it in, and just hit the wps buttons and it connected to my WIFI.


I’ve been using Feed and Go for a few months and I actually sticking with it. I’m out for professional course for around 6 hours most days and I’ve started using the feeder to check in on my dog. On my phone I just head to my account and turn on the webcam. I have it pointed towards the door (where he always waits for me) and I can check he’s fine. That feature alone is worth the money. You may not try this stuff before I believe. You won’t believe how easy can you see your dog while you are not at home, especially you are on trip.


I’ve been feeding my lovely dog a strict diet for his sensitive stomach. Feed and Go allows me to be just as strict with his feeding time, which as you know is essential to a good routine. This stop him from starving, over-eating and even treat him when he is good!


Finally! Yup, finally a feeder that’s reliable. I’ve tried some automatic feeder that only allow dry food and they always got error. So I couldn’t trust it. While using the other auto pet feeders, I came home and the tray didn’t look like he’d been fed, but as all the food was in one big box above the feeder. I couldn’t even check if he had or not. I know that many times I’ve either fed him twice or not at all because of this! This is really confusing.

smart pet feeder dishwasher proof

Feed and Go is super reliable, has never let me down, I can check the tray to see if he’s been fed when I get back back, and the feeder also stores the schedule in its own internal memory in case my WIFI goes down. Besides, the food tray is able to put in a dish washer. It is quite important for me such a lazy man. 😛


Although my dog does not need any medication, some dogs need to take medicine frequently while you are not at home. Feed and Go allowed you to be exact with the feeding times. Really nice feature!

Text Message

Quite often I have to stay late at the institution. When I don’t, I love to feed him by myself (you should do that actually, when you are free) and can do so by hitting the unlock button and then the feed button on top of the feeder). The feeder feeds him when I forgot to feed him, and I get A TEXT back to let me know he’s been fed! It makes me a lot feel confidence and reliable with the feeder.


A full 12 month warranty is provided, by the manufacturer. In the event of a failure or fault with the device, they will repair or replace your Feed and Go. They will always get your device repaired or replaced as soon as possible. For all other returns, they will charge a restocking fee of 15% to cover the shipping costs out to you.

I didn’t experience any broken or fault in the feeder. But when it goes for one year warranty, it gains by trust and confidence.

Who is the smart pet feeder for?

It fits ALL of the Dogs and Cats! Although I am focusing on talking about feeding my dog but actually I does well for cats too! I don’t care about feeding the cats actually because they are not eating delicious cat food so they won’t over-eat. But I love my dog more so I want to track his meals and his health over time. Sorry fat cat.

Even your dog is having medication, injury or any disabilities they still fine to use this feeder. I can’t find any restriction when I am using this feeder and I am still using it.

The Price

smart pet feeder price

It is a bit higher than the other electronic auto pet feeders out there but it totally worth my money. The webcam, live-time tracking and decent design are already worth your $249. If you are finding a perfect pet feeder, Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder definitely fits your demand! It does not have many in stocks right now. Get it on time!

Get Your Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder Now!

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  1. Matt's Mom

    This is great! I have two dogs and this would be an easy way to take care of feeding if I am going to be gone all day. Shoot I could leave them for a couple of days. And then there is a camera too! Excellent product and great review! Thank you for sharing the Feed & Go Smart Pet Feeder!

    1. Cyril (Post author)

      Thank you for your comment! When you are really caring about your dog and you want to keep watching your dog, tracking your dog’s meals and their health, this smart pet feeder is definitely your choice. Although it is a bit expensive, treating your dog well and caring your dog well should be at a higher priority instead of price I believe. Hope you love this product!


  2. Anna

    Thank you so much for finding this product and for this wonderful review! I do believe that our cats are just as important as our dogs and I’m so happy that it will work for them too!

    I was very worried about having to go away for a couple of days and didn’t know what I was going to do. This feeder will give me peace of mind!

    Thank you so much!


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